SHADOW HAND, by Richard Greenhill and Hugo Elias of the Shadow Robot CompanyWelcome to golempoem. I’ve created this space to explore new habitats for the poem.

What’s golempoem? Well, it’s part golem–that is, the complex network of digital mechanisms that link me with you this instant. The golem generally does as it’s instructed, but it tends to take its instructions quite literally, and that can sometimes lead to undesired outcomes.

While a literalist, the golem is always activated by enchantment. The enchantment is the poem part of golempoem. The German poet Paul Celan described the poem as an Atemwende, a turning of breath. The word “breath” is etymologically related to the word “soul” in many languages so it’s not at all inaccurate to think of the poem as having an action, a turning force, on the soul.

In future postings, I’d like to tap into the energy of poems by providing them with new habitats here in cyberspace. With the golem’s help, I’ll be posting poems that have been adapted into paintings, photographs, digital designs, and sound. I’ll also be posting poems that have been inspired by artistic works in other genres. The golem has offered to help, and, to take the golem up on that offer, I’ll have to learn much more about how one speaks to the golem.

I’ll need your help as well. Perceiving the energy in art is, ultimately, a subjective process. I perceive, therefore I am. You can help by telling me what it is you’re perceiving in the presentations. And, importantly, what you’re not perceiving.
I hope you’ll come back and help. For now, thanks for stopping in. And, welcome again to golempoem.


~ by matt on 23 May 2007.

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