They scoff at my theories!

AE laughing

Go ahead, laugh…but we shall see who gets the last laugh, eh!

Yes, I agree–the little experiment in the last post did not come off as seamlessly as I’d hoped. But, for anyone who suffered through the clunky PPS show–thank you, thank you–what did you think of the idea? And for those who could not suffer the paleolithic pitfalls of PPS animation, our apologies. Please know that we’re hard at work in golempoem labs to ensure you better, more seamless, interfacing in our future exhibits.

The golem seems to like the Blender animation software, both because it’s good and because it’s open source. Check out the animated movie elephants dream which has been created entirely using open source software (such as Blender) and distributed online under a Creative Commons license.

It’ll take a while before I come up to speed with the new software. Meanwhile, there will be plenty to report on from the golempoem world. And I’ll continue to post…

Above all, keep laughing!!!


~ by matt on 26 May 2007.

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