Coming in June: “Inspired Results” in Takoma Park

Orpheus & Euridyce

If you find yourself in the DC area during the month of June, you may wish to visit Takoma Park’s “Inspired Results” exhibition. The presentation features the works of 18 poets and 18 artists from the Takoma Park area who exchanged works in order to inspire new works of poetry, painting, print-making, and sculpture. Their works will be on exhibit between the 3rd and 30th of June at the Atrium Gallery in the Takoma Park Community Center (7500 Maple Avenue; Takoma Park, MD 20912).

Join us at the opening reception on June 8th and enjoy a performance by poet Anne Becker and cellist Jodi Becker. Violinist and vocalist Cheryl Hurwitz will also be on hand to perform her original compositions.

Inspired Results is sponsored by the Takoma Park Arts and Humanities Commission and curated by Community Center Exhibits Coordinator, Stephanie Ney. For more information, contact Sara Anne Daines at 301-891-7224 or by e-mail at


~ by matt on 28 May 2007.

3 Responses to “Coming in June: “Inspired Results” in Takoma Park”

  1. […] volume contains creative collaborations of the 36 artists and poets who participated in the 2007 exhibition, “Inspired Results, Poets and Artists of Takoma Park, […]

  2. I am 9 feet beyond TP…

    have seen some nice pieces there ..

    “Inspired Results” I first read as “Insipid Results”

    is this-all “government” inspired “art”?

  3. Thanks for visiting Ed. Sundries:

    1. There was some government support–the original exhibition (Jun-Jul 2007) was curated by artist Stephanie Ney for the Takoma Park Arts and Humanities Commission, and it was housed in the atrium (and hallways) of the Community Center–but was otherwise conceived and executed outside the sphere of government.

    2. So, Ed, what’s wrong with government inspired art? Answer: socialist realism. Smart followup: check out John Lundberg’s post today at Huffington.

    3. The link you sent is terrific–thanks!

    4. “I am 9 feet beyond Takoma Park” seems like a great first line–what comes next?

    Best, Matt

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