Adaptation: Poem to Video

This is a video produced by Baylor student Stephanie Pearson in late 2006. Ms. Pearson created her video around the reading of her favorite poem, “Death of a Naturalist” by Seamus Heaney. That’s an interesting favorite poem. And, as an added bonus, the video includes a bit of singing by Tom Lehrer.

The idea of filming an experience of reading one’s favorite poem is intriguing. Clearly, Ms. Pearson has had to address a number of basic questions about her relationship with the poem, and the poet who wrote it. For example, until I saw this video, the question of who recites a poem to us when we read it off the page never occurred to me.

How would you film your favorite poem?


~ by matt on 4 June 2007.

5 Responses to “Adaptation: Poem to Video”

  1. That’s cool.

  2. On the WITS blog, we have one by a high school student called “All About My Heart.” He’s reciting his own poem.

  3. To expand a bit on your last comment, the WITS (Writers in the Schools) website is And, to hear DeShevis read his poem “All About My Heart” see the video at:

    Thanks so much for sharing this!

  4. Thanks for adding the link!

  5. No problem. That makes it easier for me to keep an eye on the creative energies of the WITS program. Thank you for opening my eyes to it!

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