The End is Near: “The Counter of Babel”

Dore's Confusion of TonguesWe are not all that near. Just nearer.

In the end: infinity. The Counter of Babel is incrementing its way upward through the integers. It reads 5069208 as I begin my post. It’s going up as I write. Now, 5069666. I want to write. Must check though…

Steve Shaddick, the creator of this intriguing installation, explains: it only counts when someone is on the site, and if there are multiple people on the site at the same time, the numbers will increase faster. Help us break the chains of infinity’s tyranny by visiting often and remaining on the site for as long as possible.

Why not? There is a curious sense of “time” at play here, a curved time that accelerates the more it is looked at. And, Mr. Shaddick is right–we can be the revolution that breaks time’s back. So what happens if we all go to the Counter of Babel right now? Click here now. 5183377! No I mean, really, if we ALL clicked there RIGHT now. 5184144. Are we there yet?

5185422. About 20 minutes and I haven’t once checked to see if the light in the fridge is on when the door’s closed!


~ by matt on 13 October 2007.

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