Yehuda Amichai: “Open closed open”


Open closed open. Before we are born, everything is open
in the universe without us. For as long as we live, everything is closed
within us. And when we die, everything is open again.
Open closed open. That’s all we are.

Yehuda Amichai (1998)

Translated by Chana Bloch and Chana Kronfeld

Photo credit: Red Autumn Rose by bratjerm


~ by matt on 29 November 2007.

4 Responses to “Yehuda Amichai: “Open closed open””

  1. Lovely! Amichai a treasure truly I am honored to read his poetry

  2. I have a copy of the uncorrected proof of Open Closed Open with photo and editor’s letter for sale if anyone is interested. I have another signed copy that I will keep until the day I die. He’s a wonderful poet.

  3. The hebrew version or english?

  4. In English.

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