Frank Bidart: “Injunction”

Carina Nebula–Star Birth in the Extreme


As if the names we use to name the uses of buildings
x-ray our souls, war without end:

Palace. Prison. Temple. School.
Market. Theatre. Brothel. Bank.

War without end. Because to name is to possess
the dreams of strangers, the temple

is offended by, demands the abolition of brothel, now theatre, now
school, the school despises temple, palace, market, bank; the bank by

refusing to name depositors welcomes all, though in rage prisoners
each night gnaw to dust another stone piling under the palace.

War without end. Therefore time past time.

Rip through the fabric. Nail it. Not
to the wall. Rip through

the wall. Outside

time. Nail it.

Frank Bidart

Photo credit:  The Carina Nebula–Star Birth in the Extreme by NASA/Hubble


~ by matt on 5 December 2007.

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