Rachel: “And maybe…”


And maybe those things never really were,
I never rose at dawn to the garden,
to work the earth in my fury?

Not once on those harvest days, so searing
and so long,
atop the cart that brimmed with fattened sheaves,
did I not give my voice to song?

Did I never cleanse myself in the innocence
and blue calm
of my Kinneret…oh, my Kinneret-
were you? Or did I dream it?

Rachel (1927)

Translation by M. Salomon, dedicated to Myra Sklarew

Photo credit: Israel–December 1981–Sunset Lake Kinneret by Prora


~ by matt on 7 July 2008.

3 Responses to “Rachel: “And maybe…””

  1. Hi!

    What a gorgeous translation!

    Just dropping by to say Hi after meeting you at last week’s Joaquin Miller Cabin reading. FYI: The online poetry workshop I was telling you about is at http://www.everypoet.org/pffa/.

    Anyway, cheers; keep in touch (maybe I’ll see you at next week’s reading….?)

  2. Thanks for looking in on us, shadygrove! Thanks too for the workshop site, which we’ll enter on the golem blogroll here. See your Tuesday! matt

  3. Was using The Google looking for Z.Herbert when I found your hangout.Great little place you have here.

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