Time and the Poetries of Loss

I spent a good chunk of yesterday pondering the the coincidental nearness to me of a number of those who, seven years ago, perished when Flight 77 hit the Pentagon.  Those include a colleague, the brother of another colleague, and members of the flight crew whom I recognized from having flown to LA on that same flight several weeks earlier.  I also remembered a feeling I had on that terrible day in 2001 that no poetry could adequately express that loss.  To distract myself, I began to list all the poems I could think of that would contradict that overwhelming sense of poetry’s inadequacy, poems that I happened to encounter at singularly sad “points in time” whose enduring significance for me carries a particularly strong temporal charge.  I planned to post the list here.

Between then and now, I encountered a deeply moving example of such “coincidental” relationships to poems.  So I’ll pass on today’s planned post and refer you directly to  J.J. Cohen’s post for this 9/11.


~ by matt on 12 September 2008.

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