“Mystery Object Found in Supernova’s Heart”



(After an item in the YAHOO Science News)

At first glance, the object looked like the cold
densely packed stellar corpse one expects
to see inside a bimillenial supernova.
But the X-rays revealed an unprecedented enigma:
this object is far older than the heart it inhabits.

Tonight, under winter skies,
I tally all the things that have yet to come,
against the hard count of things gone,
doggedly tilting toward balance,
and thanking the stars their indulgence.

And it seems that I’ve always had the time
to become a substance older than myself.

–M. Salomon

Photo: NASA-Star-Supernova by SmartDoc


~ by matt on 31 December 2008.

One Response to ““Mystery Object Found in Supernova’s Heart””

  1. ‘And thanking the stars their indulgence.’ – lovely words!

    I am so glad God left the top off so we could get such an amazing view of His creation. Most other planets in our solar system don’t have a clear view of the sky because of their surrounding atmosphere.

    What an awesome reflection! Thank you for sharing.

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