The Angler


Let the old shadows make room for the new!
The sun angles toward the jagged snow caps
where old shadows make room for the new,

and the angler pauses to gather his wraps,
and to gaze at the gizzard shad huddled
just below the stem-river stones. Perhaps

their hard darkening reprieve has muddled
some latter day prospects for the gazer
above them. Around him the shadows–scuttled

by dusk–scowl and flee. Still, the angler
lingers a bit longer, to savor his view
of slowly fading fish, to remember

all the ancient lures he’d used to subdue
all the ancient schools. Even then, he scarcely knew
how the old shadows make room for the new.

M. Salomon


~ by matt on 6 January 2010.

One Response to “The Angler”

  1. This looks like it was written as a terzanelle! I love how your poems flow with ease. I am still uncomfortable ending a sentence in the middle of a line (in my own writing) even though it is a standard practice in poetry. You make it look easy…and this encourages me to be a little bolder in my writing style.

    (I apologize for bombarding you with so many comments in one day. I am catching up on my favorite blogs after a long hiatus).

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