Juan Gelman: Open Letter, XIII


have you come and I don’t see you? / where
are you hidden? / will nothing ever distract me
from you at last? / I groan in the night /
I hold the groan inside myself it is

my refusal to be comforted / wounded absence /
withering / missing you / how many diapers ago /
did you visit me / I come outside of all things
to see you / hating

my own pretending / the having been / the do-you-remember /
the touch that pulls me inside out / my son /
can you fly through these staves ? / can it be that
giving myself up frm myself / i may hold you

though the city outskirts / the plazas where I look for you ? /
not finding you do I go on thinking? /
do I win the loss of you to lose myself? /
by unsouling myself can I at last soul your little soul?

Juan Gelman

Translation by Joan Lindgren
Image: detail from Madre by blmurch


~ by matt on 31 January 2010.

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