Thanksgiving Dinner


1. Cold Fruit Chorus
Cousin brain surgeon
deftly sections a grapefruit,
gobbles down each bite.

2. No Soup for Il Duce
Bundled up, they race
home, surprising even their
abandoned shadows.

3. Her Exquisite Beef Loman
“I wouldʼve dumped him!”
she tells the wind (right after
Death of a Salesman).

4. Before It Was Pie
A prizewinning rose
swayed wildly in that grinning
field of smug pumpkins.

5. Finnish Courtesan
Blue winter pauses
against unspeakable odds
then shoves right on in.

–M. Salomon

Image: Trophy Wife Holiday Dinner by Kevin McShane.


~ by matt on 5 February 2012.

3 Responses to “Thanksgiving Dinner”

  1. Lovely poem chunks.

  2. I love the Finnish courtesan. Is that a comment on Finnish bad manners, or an allusion to the way winter enters so abruptly, or both?

  3. Ha! Thanks for your comment John. I don’t think I had any conscious intention to comment on the manners of Finns but more on the manners of Finnish winters. That said, I’m only presuming those to be different.

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