I’m Matt, a DC-based poet interested in the possibilities for poems in the new media. My other interests include monsters, photography, music, green things without heads, mathematics, cinema, and free pondering. Welcome to golempoem.  Feel free to contact the golem directly at golempoem@gmail.com. 


20 Responses to “About”

  1. Hallo Matt,
    es freut mich, dass du mein kunstwerk zu celan’s gedicht gefunden und benutzt hast.schade, dass du dich nicht direkt an mich gewendet hast, ich haette dir eine bessere kopie mailen koennen.
    ausserdem habe ich noch weitere computerkunstwerke zu celan’s gedichten (todesfuge und andere)und wenn dich heinrich heine interessiert, auch er wurde von mir digitalkuenstlich geehrt.

  2. Danke, Shmuel. Ja, sicher interessiere ich mich sehr für Ihre andere Komputerkunstwerke bezüglich Paul Celans, Heinrich Heines, und anderer, die Sie begeistern. Es tut mir leid, dass, um sich mit Ihnen eher nicht in Verbindung zu setzen. Matt

    P.S. Verzeihen Sie mir – mein Deutsch ist so arm.

    Shmuel ben Yitzhak is the computer artist with whom the Golempoem idea kicked off last May. See here.

  3. Hi Matt
    I’ve copied Mervin’s translation of Borges’ “Arte poética” from your –fantastic– blog, quoting your name and link. Hope you don’t mind. I’ve used it on my blog on this link http://freekhand.blogspot.com/2008/04/father-son-writing-handwriting.html
    (you can use the pic if you like it)

  4. Of course, Miguel, thanks for visiting. The manuscript and your post are quite beautiful. matt

  5. Hi Matt,

    I am always inspired when I stop by here. Do you ever post any of your own poems?


  6. Scotti–thank you so much for your kind comment and for your earlier comments here. Apart from several translations of other poets’ works (Tuvia Ruebner, Yehuda Amichai, and Natan Alterman) and a first draft “pre-poem” (based on Atget’s photograph l’Eclipse), I haven’t put any of my own work here. Thanks for asking, though–I do plan to put a couple of image-instigated works here soon. All the best, Matt

  7. Matt,

    I found golempoem the other day and like the blog very much. I have a similar project, though I publish contemporary poetry for the most part. So: would you go in for mutual linking? And: would you like to submit some poems to American Poets Abroad? We both want to reach as many people as we can!

  8. American Poets Abroad is now linked here too–thanks Marc and to your colleagues for a fine site (and for linking golempoem!). I will send some poems your way too, thanks Matt

  9. OK Matt can’t wait to read!

  10. Hi Matt – it’s a wonderful site you have with some really good poetry. I have wondered for some time why a reading I made of a poem by an unknown Indian poet ‘Snug’ for You Tube had obtained so many hits. Now I know it’s because it’s on your site – along with other poems by me and the beloved Cavafy. Being bracketed here between Charles Baudelaire and Charles Bukowski, I feel that I have finally arrived! Best wishes, Charles Bryant.

  11. Thank you Charles–your prodigious creations are awe inspiring. All the best in 2009! m

  12. A fantastic interesting blog!

  13. Isabelrio–thank you very much for your commenting and for visiting! matt

  14. Hallo ich bin Miros ich bin gesang und ich mochte vertaeilen das web seit Dichtkunst mit musik Baudeloire, Gustavo adolf Becker, Alfonsida Storni. ICh hoffe gefellt euch. atte Miroslava

    Tschuss ich bin mexianieren…

  15. A wonderful blog

  16. ulkroulkro–thanks for visiting and your kind comments…m

  17. איזה נחמד!!!

    I really like the idea of yours of posting these poems. Randomly enough I found your site because it was listed as a referrer to an old photo site of mine, via Italo Calvino, and then I found you have translated Hebrew poets too (I’m Israeli…) and that you also have Russian poets here (I adore them). I’m really interested to learn more about your ideas behind the project.

  18. תודה רבה!

    Thanks very much for your comments. We’re rearranging a bit here and I’m hoping to launch an interactive translation project (Alterman’s שׂמחת עניים) here soon, once I figure out how that might work best. I appreciate your comments and hope you keep visiting …matt

  19. good to know that u understand Faiz and Ghalib….2 of my favorite poets


  20. Love this site. Love yr poems and the poems you choose. Thank you!

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