William Blake: “The Tyger”

tyger (original plate by wm blake)

Original plate for The Tyger by William Blake (b. 28 November 1757)


~ by matt on 28 November 2007.

3 Responses to “William Blake: “The Tyger””

  1. i noticed you had that poem, i was wondering what you think that means?

  2. Thanks Vanessa.

    The Tyger, appeared in Blake’s collection of Poems of Experience. The final line of the fifth stanza asks of the lamb. A poem with that title appeared in Poems of Innocence–I’ve posted Blake’s poem “The Lamb”. Later, Blake published both in a collected Poems of Innocence and Experience.

    In the context of poems, meaning is always easier to address in terms of “how” rather than “what.” There are plenty of online opinions as to WHAT Blake’s Tyger means. It does seem clear (as nearly all the explanations point out), that the voice of The Tyger is the more innocent questioning voice of The Lamb.

    Does it mean more to have the two poems in dialogue?

  3. I found this picture and poem so moving that I would love to have a poster for my wall. Does anyone know where I can get this poster-size?

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