Tamir Lahav-Radlmesser: “Father Visits his Childhood Home”

Year Book by Tamir Lahav-Radlmesser


FATHER: We arrived at the city.
I didn’t give the driver an address,
I directed him
right left right left
until I got to the house.
I moved at age eight,
fifty years I hadn’t been there
and even so I remembered the way.
ME: and then…?
FATHER: I stepped out of the cab,
I stood on the sidewalk across from the house
and stared.
ME: and then…?
FATHER: Nothing.
The house was unchanged.
It remained exactly as I’d remembered it,
maybe a bit smaller.
ME: and then…?
FATHER: Nothing.
ME: What’s nothing?
You didn’t cross the street?
You didn’t enter the stairwell?
You didn’t knock on the door?
For what? I
do not believe
in psychology.

Tamir Lahav Radlmesser, Year Book
Tel-Aviv: Am Oved Press (2003)
Translation, M. Salomon


~ by matt on 22 January 2010.

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